Smokestack Cell Site

Downtown York, PA
When the owner of two Washington, DC buildings sold one, he decided to move the cell site from the building he sold onto the building he still owns.
eciWireless moved this entire T-Mobile site from the penthouse on the original building to a lab on the ground by a smokestack of an adjacent building, with radio heads and antennas mounted to the new building’s smokestack.
T-Mobile did not want the site completely turned off, so our crew built a new cell site onto the smokestack. Once that was finished parts of the transmitting equipment were transferred from the roof to the smokestack base. The two cell sites could not be in operation together because overlapping frequencies would cause interference. Interference was avoided by shutting down the rooftop site as the smokestack site was brought online, sector by sector. Eventually, the entire rooftop site was decommissioned, leaving only the new site on the smokestack.

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