Grounding Systems

eciWireless’s services include installing wireless grounding systems in locations with poor conductivity where methods of lighting protection are unusable. In these images, the eciWireless crew was adding grounding enhancement material to the ground ring trench. This addition dramatically reduced the ground resistance and impedance measurements. . grounding systems grounding systems

Customer Testimonials

The eciWireless crews at the Hershey CELL today were absolutely professional and, as usual, high caliber.

Jack Thomas, Operations Manager Verizon Wireless

I just wanted to extend our thanks for your efforts in the construction of the base stations. We were particularly impressed with your employee’s performance. None of these builds were standard by any stretch and they really stepped up and tackled the challenges, specifically appeasing the engineering concerns as issues arose. In a recent meeting with the engineers, they noted that “eciWireless was great to work with and that they were very pleased with the specific jobs completed by eciWireless”. The facility engineer went on the state that eciWireless’s performance was ‘above average’ in relation to all contractors that he works with across the system. Thank you to eciWireless for your continued performance.

Jim Griswold, Director of Services Smartlink, LLC.
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